Acts of Kindness

Arielle C. has been performing random acts of kindness in honor of Bella. It brings me so much joy that Bella is being honored both far and near! Thank you so much Arielle! You're amazing!


Veronica C. was kind enough to treat her coworkers to coffee as an act of kindness in honor of Bella. She also gave a $25 giftcard for Olive Garden to a homeless man. I can't even begin to express how amazing you are. Thank you!
I received this email from someone the other day. It's amazing what the kindness of a stranger can mean to someone:

I just had the most amazing family help me out while my car was broken 
down. They went home after seeing i needed help and came back to get me
back on the road. After they helped me she gave me a card that said random 
acts of kindness in loving memory of Isabella. I knew that there were 
angels out there and to come face to face with some tonight realy opened my
eyes. I am so sorry for your loss of isabella but i can promise you i will 
be participating in these random acts of kindness for isabella and for 
myself. Thank you again for opening my eyes and realizing helping others is 
truly amazing. God bless you.


Carol A. is an amazing women who has been doing random acts of kindness in honor of Bella. Carol and her son leave word rocks in random places in the hope that someone will find that rock and have a better day because of it. They have been leaving rocks this month in honor of Bella. I am beyond grateful. Thank you so much.